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Population genetics of an invasive & established pest species of cattle

Stable flies, Stomoxys calcitransare among the most serious pests of livestock worldwide causing economic damages estimated at over $2 billion/year in the United States cattle industry alone. These flies have the ability to use weather fronts for long-distance dispersal, and quickly start new populations in any decaying vegetation, which are often documented on farms with both livestock and horticulture production. The work proposed here will use SNP data generated with genotyping-by-sequencing techniques from a unique set of stable flies collected from around the world to assess genetic diversity and the genetic population structure.

Dr. Becky Trout Fryxell
Dr. Bode Olukolu
Tara Rickman

Relevant Publications
•Economic impacts of stable flies on dairy and beef cattle production •Functional genomics of stable fly •Genetic diversity and population structure of sweet potato Global population structure of stable fly with mitochondrial & nuclear DNA